Easily Learn To Lose Weight. For Free, Forever. As It Should Be.

A comprehensive weight loss education should not cost thousands of dollars, and it doesn't have to. The solution is to give you our complete DIY System for free, forever, as it should be. And if you ever decide that you want individual help from a world-class coach we will be here for you.

Why Should You Learn How To Lose Weight?

Empowerment. When you learn how to lose weight, instead of following a diet, you'll have that superhero ability for life. You'll have the confidence to lose weight easily and to keep it off no matter the situation.

Our Entire System

You will learn our entire system. Other free resources fail in at least one of two ways. They are incomplete or without enough substance to be effective. We are not going to give you a watered down version only to charge you for the full version later.

Updates For Life

You'll get access to all future weight loss courses. We add courses all the time. The goal is to have a comprehensive library that completely covers the topic. We are not going to add a bunch of courses, call it a new version, and start charging for it.

Ongoing Research

A DIY System is only as good as the results you get from it. We test everything for you in a systematic, scientific way. You'll be able to let us know what is working for you and what isn't and we will improve the system accordingly.

Ready To Get Started?

Three easy steps: Click the button. Register your name and email. Get instant access.

Three Important Considerations

Our goal is to be comprehensive enough to help everyone, but we are not there just yet.


Our system is skill based

Many people want a weight loss diet to follow, and they work in the short term, but our focus is on building the skills and habits that teach you to be really good at losing weight no matter the situation. There are no calories to count or food rules to follow. If you prefer to follow diet rules, this isn't for you.


Our program is aimed at empowerment

Sometimes it is helpful to simply be directed on what to do. While that has value, our system is better suited for people that want to learn to achieve their own goals. We are guides, not managers. Our coaches come from a place of caring, with loving hearts and will never become the drill sergeant. 


DIY is not for everyone

What if you don't have time to learn this on your own? Many don't. What if you want to learn it but you want help to do so quickly? A coach can help. If you know that learning on your own is not really what you want we'd be happy to help you. Keep reading to learn about that.

Coaching Can Make Things Faster And Easier

Some want the extra accountability and an expert to fill in the gaps.

We humans all share one thing in common, we have human brains. Self-directed learning and goals are the most rewarding but our neurochemistry is fighting us all the way. Have you ever tried to go after a goal only to procrastinate and get distracted by life and sort of forget to work on it?

The fastest way to achieve any goal is with the right help, the right plan, the right accountability, and a wise set of eyes on things to coach you when things don't go as planned. 

Want an Extra Edge?

Our team has specialists in weight loss, emotional eating, sports performance and binge eating.

I am under 120 pounds! I have lost 40 pounds since starting with you and 53 pounds all together! I don't feel deprived in the least! I feel happier and healthier and more alive and more confident and sexier and more energetic and just wonderful!!! Thank you, thank you, and thank you for everything you do!!!!

Julie Dubé

I have great respect for you, you're my teacher and mentor for a healthy lifestyle. My progress since I've known you and have been working with you has been a positive one each and every day. It's kind of funny but everyone in our home knows who "Georgie" is, and my little guy just LOVES your name!! The habit/progress checker helps me so much and I feel it's extremely important for you to know exactly how things are going for me by doing it as well, you can only help me if you know what/how I'm doing daily. I know you're here to help me keep growing and to be the best that I can be!

Thank you again!

Erika Joy

Prior to meeting Georgie, I was struggling with consistently eating well and exercising. It wasn't that I didn't know what to eat or how to exercise it was that I just wasn't doing it, and I didn't know why. Georgie helped me understand why I was struggling and gave me strategies to help me work through it. Now, eating well and exercising are as habitual as brushing my teeth and something I truly enjoy making part of my lifestyle.

The coaches at One by One are a wealth of knowledge when it comes to nutrition, exercise, and behavioral psychology but what separates them from others with a similar knowledge base is that they can take the pertinent information and apply it to real people. Want to lose fat, they can help. Not sure how to consistently cook nutritiously, they can help. Want to train for an athletic endeavor, they can help. Want to feel better about yourself, they can help. You get the idea - they can help you regardless of what your desires are and if you don't know what those are, that's okay too; they'll help you figure it out.

Georgie's personality is engaging, warm, and enthusiastic. She's somebody after meeting the first time you feel like you've known her forever. She will be your biggest cheerleader because she believes in you and knows that you will be successful. It's ironic that her last name is "Fear" because that's exactly what she removes from the equation. Georgie truly takes the fear out of becoming a better "you". Whether you work with her in person, over the phone, or over email she will get you moving in the right direction. My life is so much better after working with Georgie.

Lori Leech

Hi Georgie and Roland,

It was a difficult day at the salt mines, but a couple of things stood out at school today that made me think of the two of you and made me feel really grateful for having you in my life. The first was leading group exercise in PE, and trying to manage a herd of teenagers who were either 1) Competing to see who could do the most biomechanically unsound lunges, 2) Creatively counting their lack of lunges 3) Ignoring the sweating old guy leading the lunges, (me), to focus on how bad their classmates smell or 4) some combination of #1-3.

I REALLY appreciate how well you two stick with your clients, love us every step of the way but still continue to nudge us towards our goals. I have never heard either of you shout “JUST STOP DRINKING WINE ALREADY!!!” even though it *might* be clear to *everybody* that drinking wine is getting in the way of *somebody’s* goals. Several times this afternoon I really wanted to shout "JUST DO SOME FUCKING LUNGES ALREADY!!!" and instantly thought of my coaches loving me while encouraging me to lower my treat totals. You guys can talk about applying a motivational interview framework or quote behavioral change research, but when the rubber hits the road, you’re singularly skilled at motivating change while improving your clients’ perceptions of the relationship. Like, world-class skilled. The teacher in me is both in awe of this, as well as happy to remain a client as much for the professional development as for the coaching aspect.

The other event that happened was getting some rather difficult feedback from our Regional Supervisor that didn’t seem very rooted in evidence. You two are really good at pointing out where improvements can be made without making me feel bad about it. Again, I know you can quote research and theory, but you’re very skilled at implementing theory in places where I’ve seen other therapists, teachers, and coaches fall short. You’re awesome!

I’m rambling. I hope you’re both doing well. I was just struck by how much I learn on a daily basis from you two that has nothing to do with nutrition and training. I really appreciate having both of you as coaches/mentors/counselors/friends!

Cliff Geis-Poage

Thought I would check in with a quick update. I am not tracking at all. There are some days I eat a little more, some days I eat a little less based on appetite. I very, very rarely eat past comfortably full. Eating healthy is natural--I love good, healthy food. The best part--my weight continues to go down. I am now at 126 and I don't remember EVER weighing this amount. It's just awesome how easy you've made this!

On a different note, I just signed up for my first stand-alone marathon. I wasn't planning on doing anything endurance-length for the year but ended up signing up anyway. Doing the Nike Women's Marathon in San Francisco with Team in Training. I'm excited!!

Thanks again for everything!”

Stacey Cummings

“You're a miracle-worker, Georgie! You have an immense amount of nutritional knowledge, which is super-helpful. But you're also helping me connect my physical self to my mental/emotional/spiritual self. You are truly blessing my (and many others') life!


Emily Sullivan

My coaching experience with One by One has been an incredible journey. I was fairly lean and I felt I was in a good place with my nutrition habits when I started working with Georgie. I decided to work with Georgie because I wanted to advance my nutrition skills and get a bit leaner without driving myself nuts. Not only did Georgie help me identify some root causes to some bothersome bloating I was having she helped mature my healthy eating habits in general. The part that surprised me is that she also helped me grow emotionally in ways I didn't expect when engaging a fitness/nutrition coach. I made a major career change while working with Georgie and she helped me learn to manage and release stress in an effort to positively influence my overall wellbeing. Turns out that by improving my overall life habits, I made carrying out a lean and healthy lifestyle much easier on myself. And I learned habits that work for ME, not simply rules all healthy people are "supposed" to follow. Because of Georgie's very personal coaching, I learned to do what works for me and build my specific healthy habit framework. And when I hit the inevitable bumps in the road, I never felt judged or ridiculed....I just felt acceptance that I'm human and received a helping hand to lift me up.

Thanks Coach for all you do and continue to do to help me, inspire me, and make me want to be my best self!

Love to you! xoxo

Rebecca Wilson

For the first time ever in my life, I feel like I have easy control over my weight and I know how to manage it without getting wound-up and tied up and stressed out. Besides the nutrition aspect, I also know what patterns of thinking to watch out for both. It's truly remarkable. Miraculously, I've been able to maintain my maintain my weight in spite of my reduced exercise routine: I weighed myself last night and I'm *still* 149lbs - amazing - the lowest I've weighed that I can remember and this is without much exercise and without feeling starved or deprived or like I'm on a diet.

The habits are sticking.

I'm feeling healthy.

I'm feeling in control.

My weight is no longer something I need to monitor and measure daily.

Barry Danilowitz

Thought I would check in with a quick update. I am not tracking at all. There are some days I eat a little more, some days I eat a little less based on appetite. I very, very rarely eat past comfortably full. Eating healthy is natural--I love good, healthy food. The best part--my weight continues to go down. I am now at 126 and I don't remember EVER weighing this amount. It's just awesome how easy you've made this!

On a different note, I just signed up for my first stand-alone marathon. I wasn't planning on doing anything endurance-length for the year but ended up signing up anyway. Doing the Nike Women's Marathon in San Francisco with Team in Training. I'm excited!!

Thanks again for everything!

Stacey Cummings

Years of emotional eating, restrictive dieting (followed by binging), and trying to exercise my way out of bad food choices left me with a very unhealthy relationship with food. With Georgie's coaching, I developed habits that make it possible to eat for health and enjoyment without counting calories or weighing food. She gave me tools & resources and taught me skills to face and deal with emotions instead of burying them with food. I also learned a sustainable method of working out that doesn't beat up my injury-prone body (or take 2 hours in the gym) and still enables me to make strength gains. For the first time in my life, really, I feel like I am in control, not the food. Georgie's coaching style is practical, encouraging, and empowering. Working with Georgie changed my life. She helped me believe in myself - and that is priceless!

Yvonne Gentile

I can't thank the coaches at One by One enough for all of the help that they gave me. In a relatively short amount of time, they were able to analyze my weight issues and then adjust gracefully as the time went along. My core issue was that I was gaining fat when I thought that I was following a diet for fat loss. As all experts can do, Georgie quickly understood what I was doing, and then put me on a plan where I could lose fat and be comfortable. I immediately lost over 5 pounds in the first week, which made me feel great. More than that, I was glad that I didn't have to think and research what was best for me. As a hypothyroid guy that exercises first thing in the morning, I had been trying to adopt different nutrition ideas into my routine. Instead, Georgie set me up with a few habits to follow every day.

I am very happy to say that after 3 short months I dropped over 20 pounds, and it was very easy and sustainable. Along the way, Georgie and Roland came up with some great ways to add more calories back in without fat gain. I now have the tools to adjust and maintain myself, and the habits that they instilled in me are easy to follow and adapt to. Thanks, guys!

Jeff Kushmerek

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